December 6, 2023

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How Important Are The Games Against Atlanta This Year?

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For every team in the league, there are 6 games that stand out more than every other game of the regular season. Sure, there are some long-standing rivalry games, and the usual battle of the State games, but the Divisional games is where a team can make or break their season. If you can manage to win all six of your Divisional games, you’ve guaranteed yourself a spot in the playoffs, even if you never win another game. You read that right, you could go 6-10, win your division, and make the playoffs, that is why Divisional games are so important to a team’s success.

Among those Divisional games, there are a few that ultimately wind up being more important than the others, if that’s possible. For the Buccaneers, they find themselves facing the Atlanta Falcons twice in the final six weeks of the season, with the second match-up taking place in the final week. Assuming the Falcons or Buccaneers are in a position to make the playoffs come week 10, these two games may prove to be the make or break games for either team. Either of these games could be the difference between winning or losing the division, and the difference between making the playoffs or sitting home again this post-season.

With games against both Jacksonville and Indianapolis sandwiched between the two Falcon games, they could become even more important if the Buccaneers find themselves either winning or losing against both the Jaguars and the Colts. The Buccaneers have to figure out a way to at least split the games against the Colts and Duuuuval, and bring an end to their five-game skid against the dirty birds of ATL if they hope to put themselves in the best possible position to make their glorious return to the playoffs.

Clip their wings and Go Bucs!