December 7, 2023

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Buccaneers Helmet Ranked 28th

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Buccaneers at Redskins 11/16/14

I actually like our helmet but do agree with USA Today’s writer, Chuck Cook when he states,

“The pewter helmet is cool, but like other teams, change is not always for the better. The orange and white helmet was likely way better than the jerseys, but the Tampa Bay Bucs had an interesting look.”

Oh, the good old days. I truly miss the days of the ‘creamsicle’ uniforms and Bucco Bruce winking at everyone on Sunday. But, times have changed, and the Skull and Cross Bones idea found it’s way out of a stack of dusty papers in what I would like to think is hidden chamber at One Buccaneer Place.


Fans are on the fence about our most recent uniform look, but most are in agreement that the change in 1997 was a change for the better. I like those they are among my favorite, but for nostalgic purposes, you cannot beat the old sun orange and white. I am really looking forward to seeing what our uniform redesign will look like for next season, but it doesn’t matter to me what we wear as long as there’s football!