March 31, 2023

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Panthers overwhelm McCoy to get him to sign with Divisional Rival

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Since the beginning

It’s certainly been no secret that many Bucs fans have been wishing Gerald McCoy away. Some as far back as shortly after his arrival here. Many wanted McCoy to be Sapp 2.0, a wrecking ball on the Offensive Backfield. A major disrupter, and sack artist. They wanted that D-Lineman that could change a game single-handedly, a force that QB’s would fear, and have to account for.

He just isn’t that dude!

McCoy though, would never be that dude. He would be something much less than that. Still, he was a great player in his own right. To his credit, he was an even better citizen off the field. Leaving many a grateful area residents in his kind wake. For everything he wasn’t for many on the field, he was almost a Saint off of it. That on the field support, or lack of it from many, Is certainly why he was ready to go when One Buc delivered the news that he would be cut. One can easily see that it was possibly a lack of love and support. Two things that he was looking for in a new workplace. Not just the “I want to win” that he advertised. It appears that the Panthers players, not just the front office, wanted McCoy to sign with Carolina, and it showed. Just check out the Quotes from Gerald when asked about it by Ian Rapoport if Cam Newton played a part.

“Not just Cam. When they took me to lunch, I just expected to eat with the coaches, I walk in, there were six guys at the table. There were Greg Olson, Chris McCaffrey, Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, Trai Turner, and Kawann Short. I am like, ‘Gosh, six people showed up on their off day? To have lunch with me?'” – Gerald McCoy per Ian Rapoport

“That speaks volumes about one, the respect you have from the players and two, how much they want you on the team and three what kind of people they are. That may not speak volumes to other people, but it speaks volumes to what type of people and players are in this organization.” – Gerald McCoy per Ian Rapoport

“Going To Carolina” – not just in his mind

Sounds like it was a Jailbreak Blitz of support for the Defensive Tackle. The Thing he was most looking for in his heart if not his mind. There are still many who look way down on McCoy for signing with a Divisional Rival. Almost like he was trying to stick it to the Bucs, and will always hold him in contempt for going there. Personally, I don’t really care where he went, I’m over it now, and any negative feelings I had, are gone. He just wanted to be wanted, and I can’t hold that against him. He gave his all on the field, at least for most of the time he was here. I can’t agree that he has been his best in the last two years, but that’s on him, not me. That’s just my opinion.

Before the Interview was over

I think it’s important to add that before the Rapoport interview was over. McCoy went on a long-winded explanation about how he feels about Tampa and the Bucs. I’ve included a few quotes from that interview ending message from Gerald.

“I will never say anything bad about Tampa; I will never say anything negative about Tampa.” Gerald McCoy per Ian Rapoport

He went on to say that he greatly respects, and is thankful to the Bucs Organization for all they did for him, in his time here. That it doesn’t matter how many bad things were said about him while he was here, he would never reciprocate those negative feelings. He has nothing to say but good things of his time here. That the Panthers stepped up and showed him how valuable he was to be to them, and that was what caused him to sign in Carolina, nothing more. So Bucs fans, until he lines up across from the Pewter against our boys, maybe it’s time to let go of the hate. In the end, he was a good man when he was here, and he still is. I hope he does well in 14 games next year. Go Bucs!!