December 4, 2023

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The Most Explosive Offense In The Division

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A Big Evans Fan For Sure.

It’s no secret that Brandt of “Good Morning Football”- NFL network is a big fan/supporter of Mike Evans. He has lauded over him (often calling him the most underrated Receiver in the League) since he was taken by the Bucs in the first round of the 2014 draft. But this year, it appears you can add the rest of the Offense to that list of affection.

A Very Bold Prediction.

At first, this seems to be the rant of someone just coming back from a safety meeting out back. Before we point Brandt to the nearest 12 step meeting, let us see what all the smoke is about. If you listen to what he has to say, and why he says it, you begin to get sucked into his logic, and explanations as to why he is driving the Offense’s Bandwagon through the middle of town during rush hour.

“I’m most fascinated by Tampa Bay because when you look at their offense if you just pull up the roster, you say ‘well, they didn’t really add anybody.’ They added Bruce Arians. And Bruce Arians — let me tell you something — his first year with the Arizona Cardinals, he took offense No. 32 — worst offense in the league — and brought them to 12, all right? You can say ‘well, they added Carson Palmer.’ Fine. We showed that graphic. Tampa Bay with the third offense in all of football is incredible and I’ll do you one better: they had the No. 1 passing offense — better than the Chiefs, better than the Saints, better than everybody. So, if you add Bruce to what was already the No. 1 passing attack.”

You can see where he’s heading with this: Bruce Almighty brought Arizona’s 32nd ranked offense to number 12 his first year. The Bucs aren’t among the last in the league, they are at the other end. Add Arians, and his playbook for the 2019 Offense and you can begin to see that something very, very, special is coming for the Buccaneers offense.

In order to “keep it real”, as I’ve said before, the Bucs ranking of #1 in passing offense in 2018 is misleading. Red Zone Passing Offense ranked 19th. What you want to be, is #1 in Offensive scoring via the pass. That is the real ranking you want to be top dog in. You can throw the football for 800-1000 yards a game, it means absolutely nothing if when you get into the Red Zone, you can’t bust a grape. The point here is that the Bucs have the players to produce big-time on Offense. Arians believes a few tweaks here and there, and the points will come.

Brandt names a Pivotal player, you might not expect.

Brandt goes on to talk about who could step up and be a big difference maker this year.

“I’m gonna get on the Mike Evans horse again. I think it’s gonna be his year, too, under the new coach, new coordinator. And I’ll say one thing: there’s a very pivotal name on this team, and it’s Ronald Jones, the running back from USC. Every camp has a guy — there’s always one guy in every camp — who’s like ‘he looks great, night and day from last year.’ It’s Ronald Jones on the Bucs.”

This could very well come about. RoJo has looked good in the offseason workouts, and mini-camp. Just hope Arians can get the most out of this underperforming Offensive Line.

Nothing new for Arians.

Brandt believes that Bruce Almighty can get Winston turned around on his turnovers and bad decisions. He thinks that this is the year that all the cylinders on this Bucs Offensive Machine will be hitting in rhythm, and in sync and that our skill position players will finally hit their stride and have career years. The really nice thing about what Brandt is predicting is that it very well could be dead on. No-one would be surprised if Arians and Leftwich turned this offense into a nearly unstoppable force. It’s what Arians does, and has been doing for a long time. So why not here with a stacked up Offense chomping at the bit?

There are hurdles to get over: Winston must become the guy Licht envisioned when he drafted him. Avoiding injuries and stints on the IR may be the biggest unknown, and the highest hurdle for the Offense to clear. If they can do that, then why not? Why couldn’t they be the most explosive in the division? All answers will be revealed in this pivotal and anticipated season. Because honestly, there hasn’t been a season like this in Tampa for many years. Bucs fans haven’t had this much to be excited about in several fortnights.

Here’s to hoping the Cannon on Dale Mabry keeps night shift workers in the area from getting a wink of sleep this season. Go Bucs!!!