December 6, 2023

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Todd Bowles Approves of Rookies!

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Bucs DC Todd Bowles – Photo by: Cliff Welch/ Pewter Report

It was always inevitable. For a team that struggled to defend the pass and was thin with defensive talent, the draft would be crucial. As always the draft is a gamble. How many times have we seen a player look good in college, but unable to play in the NFL? In Tampa, too many.

Defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles had a lot of new players and raw talent to work with. Fortunately, Coach Bowles seems to be pleased with the talent he has. This reporter might go so far as to say an old weakness could be a new strength.

Addressing the media, Bowles said:

“I think all of them come along pretty good. I don’t have one guy in particular. Obviously, they’re doing well in the shorts and t-shirt contest right now which we don’t play in, but they’re picking up the system well and they’re moving around well. The key is to get them prepared for training camp, so they can play fast.”

When discussing the next steps for that defensive unit Coach Bowles stated:

“Oh, we know what we have. They just need experience. They need experience in our system. They need to play some games to get some games under their belt and their talent will take care of the rest.”

This statement fully summed up what the Buccaneers have in the defensive backfield. A lot of talent without experience. That experience will come during camp as the intensity level increases. Further experience will be gained in the preseason.

Hopefully, this will be enough to ensure that this new look secondary is ready for action.