July 1, 2022

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Offensive Line Situation: When Will Help Arrive?

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Offensive Line in the NFL, at least among most fans, is the ‘Red Headed Step Child’ of positions. It’s not flashy, or sexy. You don’t see Left Tackles as the go-to guy, on a Double Reverse play, and no Centers leaping into the air snagging a back corner bullet, falling to the turf with two sets of toes line side, for the double-overtime conference-clinching win. Okay, yes, it’s dramatic, but so is the difference between reality, and the way a good percentage of fans, and apparently the Front Office value those Trench Hogs.

The Bucs rankings in the Red zone since 2015, are 22nd, 20th, 24th, and 15. The best was obviously last year, with a rank of 15. When you don’t have the line to enforce your will upon the enemy, to be able to run it when you want or must, then you cannot become as good as your skill position players, should allow you to be. You will always fall short and only rely on potential. What good is potential if it can never become it’s very best?

Why this GM hasn’t done more to draft a more dominant lineman, I don’t know. Obviously, he likes what we have already, and judging from the fact that no O-Linemen were drafted on day two of the draft, even with an extra pick we received from the Rams. He did not pull the trigger. I understand the Devin White pick. With Kwon gone we needed him. I can see him now drafting a lineman in rounds 4-7, and I wonder, what is the point? There is no point unless you luck out and just draft a guy nobody saw coming and then he goes off. In these rounds, you typically are drafting depth and developmental players. The difference makers are already off the board. In 2018, and now the 2019 draft, during the first three rounds, the Bucs have drafted 5 DB’s, and just 1 developmental Offensive Lineman. I think that says it all.

Only when our Offensive Line players are on par with our skill position players, will the Bucs be able to take that next leap and become an elite team that can put a run together multiple seasons with playoff appearances. To do that, you must draft exceptional talent for the line. Disappointingly, the Front Office hasn’t seen it that way.