February 2, 2023

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Did The Bucs Make The Right Decision?

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Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected LSU linebacker Devin white with their first pick.  I wasn’t sold on White and wholeheartedly believed that if Josh Allen was there that we would have taken him. I was so against White that I looked for all of his flaws and found some that I believed were red flags and pointed them out to my social media family. Much to my chagrin, I was proven wrong and now have to eat crow. My Bucs Life News crew is going to love talking smack to me, and that’s cool, I love my BLN family!!!

However, despite how felt about last night’s pick, it’s done and over with, and now look forward to accepting Devin White into the family.

But I still find myself thinking: Did Licht and Arians make the right choice?

Josh Allen was on the board for heaven’s sake! Does the fact that we passed him up mean that White was so much better? White does have some great qualities to him. He’s fast! So fast that he can go stride for stride with a great majority of NFL wide receivers. A 4:4-4:5 40  speed? Good Night!

Licht said in an address last night after the pick that White checks all the boxes for the Bucs. He’s fast, great at blitzing, a tackling machine, and great in coverage. White also seems to have the leadership qualities you’d want on the defense, that is for sure! However, many experts say that taking White over Allen was not a good idea. It is true that the Buccaneers lost Kwon Alexander, so another vocal leader with the skill to back up his bark, is a must, making White the sensible pick and with Kendell Beckwith likely out of the picture completely, adds more reason to have drafted a linebacker in the first round. Also grabbing a sideline to sideline guy and one who can play three downs is a major plus.

The grade I’d give for this pick, and not being biased since we didn’t take Allen, is an A-. The Bucs filled a big need with this pick and I’m sure as time goes on White will grow on me much as several previous first-round selections had. I look forward to seeing him in action at Training Camp and hope he does pick up the Defensive Rookie of The Year award, that so many Bucs fans, including several Bucs Life News staff members, believe he is capable of achieving.