September 29, 2023

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Who is the backup QB?

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The question seems like an easy one to answer with the obvious answer being Gabbert because he’s played in Arians’ offense before and did well. Now on the other side is the mysterious Ryan Griffin. We don’t know what he brings to the table since he has NEVER thrown a pass in an actual regular season game, but is one who always seems to look great in the preseason. It comes down to this; do you want to try the old model or the new car? If Jameis goes down do we go with the vet or with the unproven QB?

In my opinion, I would like the Bucs to draft Will Grier and have him as the backup. If either Jameis goes down or if he doesn’t play well then you’ll have QB that can be the starter. I think the Bucs won’t have any issues going with either of the two because Arians is not shy about starting unproven or vet QBs as he did multiple times in AZ. It will be one of the most interesting competitions in training camp, especially if the Bucs bring in more competitors or draft a QB in the later rounds.

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