December 6, 2023

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Bucs Need Oline

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There are arguments on other weaknesses with our team, but the one which stands out to me?

Offensive line.

In the past few seasons Winston has put up team records passing, our running game has been not so good.

It’s frustrating as a fan to watch other team highlights as their backs run all over the place while ours sputter and get tackled almost instantly!

Back to Winston.

Another difficult thing to watch, which most Jameis haters neglect to notice? He has to hurry most of his throws!

Another result of poor pass protection? Because he is young, the legit “hurries” then have caused him to have happy feet.

Happy feet come from being used to protection breaking down. So the natural reaction is to assume, and assumption turns into fear.

Hopefully, the line can gel together as a unit and stay healthy!

Winston has experience and should be more mature, still growing but more equipped to handle the moment.

As always, Go Bucs!