March 21, 2023

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Where is Your Bucs Life Taking You this Fall ?

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The schedule came out last week, and we all should know by now that the Bucs got shafted pretty bad by the NFL. I even sent a text to a good friend of mine whose software they make helps the NFL make the schedule. I said to him, “what happened?” and he replied, “I have no clue.” Either way, his team is the Niners, so let’s win week 1. I also believe that the Thursday Night game against the Panthers in week 2, shouldn’t be too tough of a game and something you put in a game plan for during training camp. So that is not that big of a deal to me.

Let’s talk about where you are going to be this fall. The Bucs will be on the road in some places we have not been to in years. They will be at the Coliseum vs the Rams and Century Link for the Seahawks. I was at the last game in the Bucs played in Seattle and they lost in OT. I said, “Lord just have mercy on me today as I see my Bucs play.”

I think this time of year is exciting. I have seen on many different blogs, groups, and other social media that people are really excited about some of the road games. I really enjoy seeing this talk about groups getting together in LA, London, Nashville, Seattle, and Jax.

I feel good for Brent Allen, who runs the great podcast Pewtercast, a must listen for Bucs Fans, for that Jax game because he will have a short drive home that day. I also see that fans are already booking buses for the day to go to Jax. Let’s paint that town red!

I see people like Big Nasty AKA Keith Kunzig selling old Bucs items to make sure we have the Big Nasty sitting in London. I think this is great because no home game, and yes, that is a home game Bucs Fans, can be without Big Nasty on my TV.

I have my tickets already for the Los Angeles game, and Buccaholics are already taking over sections of their end zone. I know that that tailgate, which if it’s anything like it is in Arizona or San Diego, it will be one that you won’t want to miss.

So yes, the Bucs schedule is not a fair one at all, but I enjoy everyone talking about their Bucs Life plans, now, about meeting up with their Bucs Family in the fall.

I love it when someone says, “I am going to Tampa for the first time ever,” and how much they enjoy the place I was born and raised. It also makes me miss Tampa that much more, but I do love it when people get to experience my hometown for the first time.

What are your plans for this season to live your Bucs Life?