December 6, 2023

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Bucs QB Shopping?

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It’s no secret that the Buccaneers are in a flexible position with the quarterback position. Incumbent starter and “franchise QB” Jameis Winston is in a make or break year.

Right now if Winston balls out he will be the first drafted quarterback to be offered a 2nd contract in Tampa. If the season passes and Jameis is still an enigma he will hit free agency. Jason Licht is not satisfied with the situation, however.

The Bucs have on the roster, Winston who was drafted as the team’s QB for the future; taken with the first overall pick of the draft. Behind him is Blaine Gabbert, taken 10th overall by Jacksonville to be their franchise QB. That move obviously didn’t work as expected and will compete for the backup role against Ryan Griffin. Griffin was originally picked up from free agency by the Bucs and despite never playing an NFL snap has stuck around the organization.

When asked about the upcoming draft and the QB position, Jason Licht said, “We evaluate the quarterbacks every year as if – we try to go into an exercise of, ‘If we didn’t have a quarterback, who would we want?’ We happen to have a quarterback that we all very much like right now, but we still evaluate the quarterbacks.”

Whilst drafting another signal caller might seem counterintuitive it would be a great insurance plan.

Take a look at New England. For close to two decades, Tom Brady has been the undisputed starter, they still draft at the QB position and develop those guys. Often trading them for premium picks! In the best case scenario, Jameis Winston sorts out the inconsistency that has plagued him through his career. This would see him sign a huge new deal and lead Tampa Bay for years to come. QB’s will be drafted and traded for high value picks which further strengthen the Bucs and turn them into the dynasty that everyone outside of the Bay Area hates and routes against; only to see the collection of Super Bowls grow.

In the worst case? The Bucs have a good chance of drafting the next QB of the future.