December 6, 2023

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Kyle Riddle’s Run Down: Lavonte David

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In this new defense expect defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to finally turn LB Lavonte David loose. The last time Davis was actually turned loose and allowed to blitz was his second year in the league, under coach Greg Schiano. During that season, David accumulated 145 tackles, 7 sacks, and 5 Ints, while on his way to becoming an All-Pro.

Since the firing of Greg Schiano, David has been stuck in soft zone coverage schemes; first with Lovie Smith then Mike Smith. Now, this isn’t a bad thing as David can play zone, but it doesn’t play to David’s strengths. David is most effective when he is able to rush the passer as well as use his sideline to sideline speed to drop into coverage or chase down the ball carrier. Now, that appears to be exactly what Bowles plans on doing. David will most likely make a move to MLB where he will blitz early and often. If you are Lavonte David fan, this is gonna be a great year.