December 4, 2023

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Gerald McCoy Being Shopped? Getting Very Little Interest?

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According to Michael Lombardi, the Buccaneers have put Gerald McCoy on the trade block, shopping him hard and are not getting much interest from other teams.

Does the $13 million salary have something to do with it? I would believe so.
The Buccaneers cap space is dangerously low at this point, $1,711,697 low as a matter of fact and with the draft around the corner, the Bucs have to make moves to free up nearly 9.8 million to sign this year’s draft picks.

There was high speculation that the Bucs would attempt to trade McCoy during the draft, and that may still happen.

Despite the news that the Bucs are getting little interest in McCoy, I would believe that if they are currently shopping him that a deal could get done in the near future. When the Bucs began shopping DeSean Jackson there were remarks that he was receiving little interest and then later that day he was traded to the Eagles.


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