December 4, 2023

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Josue Garcia’s Mock Draft 1.0

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With the NFL Draft less than a month away, we are in full mock draft season. From the mock drafts that follow the rumors or the ones that are made to raise questions, we have all at one point or another in the last 4 months have read a mock draft. No one knows what exactly will go down, but that will not stop me or any Tampa Bay Buccaneers sport writer from typing up a mock draft for your enjoyment. With that said let’s dive right into my First Ever Mock Draft for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Round 1 – Pick #5

DL Quinnen Williams – Alabama

I know that this might not happen, but it’s my mock draft so let’s say it did. With Arizona taking Kyler Murray at #1, Bosa at #2 to San Fran, Allen at #3 to the Jets, and Devin White at #4 to the Raiders, the Bucs have the best Defensive Lineman prospect fall to them at #5. There’s a huge chance that the Bucs could trade this pick down for a team looking to grab Dwayne Haskins before the Giants get a chance to grab him at #6. I believe that there are 2 or maybe 3 players that Tampa won’t trade out of #5 if they are still available. Quinnen Williams is one with Devin White and Nick Bosa being the other two. I think that it would take an extreme overpay for the Bucs to leave any of those 3 players and move down.

Quinnen Williams would solidify the D Line and with Arians comments, today in which he was noncommittal about McCoy’s future here in Tampa this pick makes a ton of sense, of course, if the top 4 plays out the way that it does here.

Round 2 – Pick # 39

CB Rock Ya – Sin Temple

With their 2nd pick, The Bucs solidify their secondary with a player with a very high ceiling and starting potential. My pick here originally was Julian Love out of Notre Dame based on Arians comments about Hargreaves moving to the outside, and the Bucs are looking for a nickel corner which is Julian because his size projects it. I decided to go with this player because of 2 things which are size and potential. The Bucs go up against tall receivers in the division and a nickel corner with good ball skills, good size, and with speed will benefit the secondary and would make matchups favorable for Tampa.

Round 3 – Pick #70

S Taylor Rapp – Washington

The Bucs strike gold by grabbing the #2 safety, in this draft, in the third round. Now last year, with Mike Smith running the defense, I would have passed on Rapp, but with Bowles is a different story. Rapp is your prototypical in the box safety, has good instincts, has a high football IQ, and makes plays in the run game. His weakness is coverage, but is not something that coaching and a scheme that highlights his strengths won’t fix. Bucs fans are still reeling over the Bucs passing on Derwin James, but Rapp could be our Derwin James down the road.

Round 4 – Pick #107

DL Demarcus Christmas – FSU

Now if you’re not following me with this pick, I get it. Why would Tampa draft 2 DTs? Well, because we need to dominate the trenches, and need depth. There is no way of sugar coating how atrocious our defensive line started the season last year. JPP was the only one on that line that was making things happen. We had Vea injured, Unrein Injured, and our Dline could not rush the quarterback. Then Mike Smith was canned, and Duffner took over, we saw a much different line with the emergence of Carl Nassib and Vita Vea. My pick here adds to one of the most important units of any team. Christmas is another high ceiling guy who has some length and surprising quickness. Bucs have been decimated with injuries year-in and year-out, and frankly, I believe that you can’t have too many big bodies on that line who are ready to go to work. Christmas was a bright spot on a team with hardly any of those at all last year.

Round 5 – Pick #145

RB Benny Snell Jr – Kentucky

This pick is a steal, like a HUGE steal. Benny Snell was one of the best running backs in the country. His numbers show that and his tape is full of explosive plays, tough runs, and his vision and speed are highlighted in all of his runs. Benny Snell would be a welcome addition into what, at the moment, seems like a crowded backfield with Barber, Jones, Ellington, and Shaun Wilson, but adding someone of Benny Snell’s talent and potential would benefit a team who is in serious need of a star in the making RB.

Round 6 – No Pick (Arians’ trade)

Round 7 – Pick #215

LB Joe Giles Harris – Duke

With Licht mentioning names like JPP, Gholston, and Nassib while talking about linebackers, this pick is strictly depth and special teams. Bucs are still waiting on Kendell Beckwith to see if he can still play and Jack Cichy suffered his second ACL tear last year. Tampa needs depth at the position and Giles Harris fits the bill. Don’t be surprised if Tampa brings more LBs as UDFAs after the draft.

I have to remind you that if you’re reading this that this is just my opinion. I am excited to see what the Bucs end up doing come draft day. I will do another mock draft the week of the NFL Draft to update and see if any players have moved up or down draft boards between today and draft week.

Keep it tuned to All Things Bucs and Bucs Life News for all of your Bucs coverage and GO BUCS!!!!