March 21, 2023

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Where To Fill Holes In The Draft?

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DeSean Jackson had one more year left on his contract with Tampa Bay but he wasn’t very productive in his first two years here. The chemistry between Jackson and Winston just wasn’t there and Jackson was cancer in the locker room. As a result, the Bucs traded Jackson and a seventh-round pick in 2020 to Philadelphia in exchange for a sixth-round pick this year. Will Godwin be the man to take up the slack?

Adam Humphries and Kwon Alexander were both free agents. Humphries signed with Tennessee and Alexander signed with San Francisco. Humphries was one of the Bucs most reliable targets on offense and a fan favorite for many Bucs fans. Unfortunately, at the salary that he was demanding, because the Bucs started off the day with almost no salary cap room, his asking price was just too much for the Bucs to be able to re-sign him. Wil Perriman be the answer for the slot position?

The same goes for Kwon Alexander, while Kwon was certainly good, the captain on defense and another fan favorite for many Bucs fans, he was also one of the league leaders for missed tackles. Alexander is also notorious for being injury prone and missing several games as a result. Plus, he has been in trouble with the league in the past because of his positive PED test during the 2017 season. Tampa Bay simply couldn’t afford to pay him what he wanted, partially because of not having very much salary cap room to work with and also because he was coming off of an ACL tear. With the signing of Deone Bucannon who can play LB and S did the Buccaneers just fill the hole left by Alexander?

The Bucs organization is also prepared for bad news when it comes to Kendell Beckwith. His career may be over because of an injury he sustained in a car wreck.

The Bucs do have a little bit more cap room to play with now, but maybe not enough to reel in another couple of big fish from the free agent pool. We shall see.

Most had the Buccaneers taking Devin White at #5, but with the recent signing of S/LB Bucannon will that change people’s minds? Nothing is ever set in stone until Roger Goodell reads whoever’s name is on the card at pick number five, but at this point, White seems like the most obvious choice. The Bucs also need help in the secondary, the offensive line- unless they land Ted Larsen, running back, and the defensive line. It’s going to be a wild ride between now and week one of the season. Strap in and hang on tight.