June 7, 2023

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Big Splash, Small splash, or No splash? Bucs and The FA.

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The legal tampering phase of the NFL FA is up and running. Teams can make offers to players, but they cannot sign them until Wednesday, March 13.

With players like Adam Humphries and Kwon Alexander excited about the opportunity and Kwon Alexander already projected to sign a heavy contract with the San Francisco 49ers, this leaves a looming question: What are the Bucs to do?

While the opportunity to sign some new veteran players may present itself, the prospect of landing a premium FA seems all but impossible with the cap space in question and looming cuts are all but a guaranteed outcome to open up cap space, I go back to what Bruce Arians said in his first press conference as the Buccaneers new head coach:

“You can’t find a diamond in the rough if he’s sitting on the sideline watching.”

Arians isn’t nervous about finding players that will fit his needs and intends to give UDFA the chances to present themselves. Seeing as cap space is a huge issue, we may be set to see several young and hungry players out on the field this year.

My belief? No splash. But calm water is keen for fishing.

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