December 6, 2023

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Traded or Cut, DeSean Jackson May Not be Here This Season

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*Opinion Editorial*

There has been a little movement for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so far this offseason, and now it seems that DeSean Jackson could be a part of bigger moves to come. Jackson, at one point last season, requested a trade that fell on deaf ears and then this year, named teams he’d like to play for such as the Rams, Redskins, and Eagles. Bruce Arians stated he would love to have Jackson on the team, but it doesn’t seem like Jackson wants to be in Tampa anymore.

Appearing on the Simms and Lefkoe podcast, Jackson had a lot to say. He stated that last year he needed a coach who understands that a veteran player doesn’t need to go full speed and doesn’t need to go full force every rep as long as when it came to game time that you are ready to go. That type of attitude likely explains the fights he had with teammates and the coaching staff.

Jackson also revealed that he parted ways with agent Joel Segal, however, due to still being under contract with Tampa Bay teams cannot contact him directly. The Bucs could cut Jackson if a trade cannot be made without any financial hit as his $10 million contract is not guaranteed.

The Eagles, to me, seem like a likely landing spot for Jackson and if Nick Foles is gone, they will need a backup. It just so happens that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a free agent. Jackson has high praise for Fitzpatrick and solid chemistry, seeing these two end up in Philly is far fetched but could be a possibility. Jackson was recently back in Philly at the Valley Forge Casino for team Jag Sports Marketing. Could he be itching to be back in green? Will Jackson be on the roster this season? I doubt it, but then again the Buccaneers picked a kicker in the 2nd round, so in Tampa, anything is possible.