September 29, 2023

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The Word on The Street: Bucs Are VERY Interested in The Honey Badger

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After the Bucs hired Bruce Arians, the fans started talking about bringing in the veteran safety Tyrann Mathieu. Connecting the dots that Arians and Bowles have connected to Mathieu from their time together in Arizona, it was an easy stretch. At first, it was just speculation and high hopes of fans. Well, it just might be the real deal this time.

Before you stop reading, stay with me for a second:

The word on the street is that someone (we won’t name) stated that HC Bruce Arians and GM Jason Licht are very interested in Mathieu coming to Tampa and are steadily shopping for a veteran safety. The information we received came third party however it came from a reliable source who is in touch with a former colleague of both Arians and Licht from their Arizona days. We don’t chalk this one up to rumor due to those sources being who they are.

Jason La Canfora also heard something and mentioned it an article a couple of days ago: 2019 NFL free agency: Safeties no longer forgotten, the rise of the slot receiver and more insider notes.

Let’s delve into some facts about Mathieu. Mathieu and Todd Bowles stepdaughter, former New Orleans Hornets cheerleader, have a son, Tyrann Mathieu Jr., together and has played in Bowles system during his first two seasons 2013-2014. Not only that, but Arians loves Mathieu citing one time that Mathieu was a draft pick that made him the happiest. Last but not least, Jason Licht was Vice President of Player Personnel at Arizona in 2013 and likely responsible for a majority of the scouting for Mathieu. Now, these facts are not key components in bringing the veteran safety here, but they certainly dot some I’s and cross some T’s.

Mathieu certainly fits the scheme, but does he fit the bill?

I know there have been talks of cap space issues, but if things continue and Mathieu does actually become a Buc, you can bet room will be made. Trust the process, more to come.

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