December 4, 2023

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Licht Eyeing Defense Early in The NFL Draft

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It’s been a busy few days for General Manager Jason Licht. He recently discussed how the Buccaneers might use the 5th overall pick in this years NFL draft. Licht mentioned he is leaning towards a more defensive minded draft. Based on 2018’s defensive numbers no one would second guess that choice, but he also mentioned going the offensive route was not entirely out of the question.

A questionable offensive line that is built up of young and old players is in dire need of addressing. An offensive lineman, at some point in the draft, is well within the Bucs plans. Adding more to the story; there are free agents that the Buccaneers stand to lose who put up solid to outstanding numbers during their time in Tampa Bay. Names like Adam Humphries, Donovan Smith, and Kwon Alexander.

The free agent market is loaded this year with solid defensive talent, but with our cap space not being the greatest, the Buccaneers will have to wheel and deal in order to get the players they want and need. Licht mentioned that there are many different levels to free agency. From day one high-priced-splashy-players to week 3 and four guys that are a little more cap friendly but also hold valuable assets. He seemed to prefer these guys. Licht mentioned that those guys in the latter weeks are the hungry ones and that those type of guys has worked out for the Buccaneers in the past.

This year’s draft and free agency signings are hopefully a mix of offensive and defensive talents that can fill the team’s holes and put Tampa Bay back on the map. The Buccaneers have not come in first in the NFC South or made the playoffs since 2007.