December 4, 2022

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Change For The Better.

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The new coaching staff in Tampa is bringing a new defensive scheme, and Todd Bowles is using an attacking 3-4 hybrid defensive approach. It will still feature a traditional 4-3 depending on the match-up. It will utilize linebackers in a blitzing role, penetrating, and getting in the backfield to bring confusion and chaos to the offense.

The defense last year was horrible, to say the least, but hopefully, it can turn around with the switch to a 3-4 penetrating Defense. Players like Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy will need to adjust to new positions, yet the job will remain the same. Get to the QB, this will also, in turn, help the secondary. It will run a man to man scheme with limited press coverage. The scheme will ask the cornerbacks and safeties to hang with the receivers for an extra second. Hoping the blitzing linebackers and edge rushers get to the QB for the sack, or better yet, a turnover.

The Bucs have a lot to figure out between now and April, but I feel big changes in personality are coming. It’s going to be fun to watch this defense come together.

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