December 4, 2023

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Byron Leftwich: “No Risk It, No Biscuit” Part 2

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By now, most Bucs fans are aware that Bruce Arians has hired Byron Leftwich as Tampa Bay’s new offensive coordinator. Leftwich will be calling the plays for the Bucs offense. Arians, having worked with Leftwich in Arizona is very good for Tampa Bay, not only because of the familiarity that there is between the two, but Leftwich is no slouch. Although he has never really had any experience as an offensive coordinator, he did pretty well as a quarterback during his career. He finished his career with a 57.9% completion percentage, 10,532 passing yards, 58 passing touchdowns, 42 interceptions, a QB rating of 78.9, and sacked 92 times in 9 years. Leftwich was fairly successful. He was also a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in college, at Marshall University, he certainly knows how to read a defense.

According to an article on written by Around the NFL’s Chris Wesseling, titled: Bruce Arians: Leftwich Will Be a Head Coach, Bruce Arians is already heaping a lot of praise on to Leftwich. In the article, Wesseling quotes Arians as saying, “I think he’s got a great, bright future in coaching.” When talking about Leftwich, Arians also stated, “He’ll be a head coach early,” Arians assessed recently, via Darren Urban.

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