December 7, 2023

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Is The Bar Too High for Bruce Arians and Company?

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The Buccaneers have made another coaching change at the end of the 2018 season. They made Bruce Arians the 12th coach in the history of the franchise and the 5th in the last decade. Each new coach was supposed to be the guy, who got us over the hump, the guy that got us a playoff position and a championship. But it never happens, does it?

It’s been a bumpy road, one filled with heartbreak and disappointment.

So the question is: Are setting the bar too high for Bruce Arians, or is he the one?

There’s already a massive storm of expectations for the upcoming season, from defensive scheme changes to big FA signings that can’t happen yet.

Bryon Leftwich had his first press conference and commented that he has already begun watching film and that he is excited by what he’s seen.

Todd Bowles made the comment that he was going to start looking at film shortly after he was hired. Fans have already begun making comments on possible scheme changes. Are we moving too fast?

The Glazers and Jason Licht believe wholeheartedly that Bruce Arians and his staff will right the ship. His track record shows that he definitely can. The outlook for 2019 is very positive. But, I must say that perhaps we as fans should dial back our expectations until he can get his momentum going. We’ve been burned in the past.

If take a cautious step with an open mind, Bucs fans, no one will blame you for it.

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