September 27, 2023

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Saints could be the difference in a fantastic or a good season

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Mike Evans (13) lines up against Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore (23) via

Even in our Super Bowl season with Brady, we lost 2 of 3

Let’s face it, the Saints of New Orleans have had our number; not even Tom Brady has been able to change that. Since Brady’s arrival, the Bucs are 0-4 in the regular season against our dreaded rival. The only success the Bucs have had against them was in the 2020 postseason when we took them out on our way to the Lombardi Trophy. We play them twice a year, and they make us look bad basically every time. Our place, their place, one o’clock, or prime time kickoff, it doesn’t matter. I haven’t forgotten the shutout late in last season’s schedule (9-0). It’s like no matter how good we are in the regular season or how bad the Saints are, the outcome is the same.

Beating the good teams, we should beat

In all reality, the Buccaneers are an elite team this season. The Saints are still trying to get back to that place. The Bucs should be able to take care of business and take two wins away from the Saints on this schedule. Doing so would put us in the best position entering the playoffs. We would have to play one less game to get back to the big game; it would help the overall swagger level of the team. It would give us a more confident mindset, especially if we have to play them again in the playoffs if they are able to get to that point. Adding those two games to the win column could make a big difference at the season’s end. It would be nice to win another Super Bowl and another divisional title in the same season.

No more salt in the wound, please

Adding to the salt in the wound is that it’s Jameis Winston leading the offense as of late. I don’t know about you as a fan of the Bucs, but if I have to watch another one of Jaboo’s victory dances or eat W’s, I’m going to get sick. He was a good guy; when he was here, but he’s the enemy now. So what will it be this time around; embarrassment or satisfaction we all walk away with? Tom Brady and the team know that these are two games we should win; that is the way that it needs to be. Our schedule is chock-full of elite teams. These are two games we should be able to come out on top in. Game one is Sunday. Go Bucs!!