December 7, 2023

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Cowboys still winless vs. Brady, and there are four more

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Tom Brady gets his 7th win vs the Dallas Cowboys via Skysports

Over Brady’s twenty-two-plus seasons in the league, he’s made a slew of teams, including many an AFC East opponent, look bad. The Cowboys, as we know, are one of those five and had a chance to get themselves off the list, Sunday Night in Prime Time. The list is still 5 teams long after the game, with the Bucs basically dominating the Cowboys 19 – 3. Beyond the Cowboys, there are still four more teams who have never gotten the better of Tom Brady.

Those other four are; the divisional foes Atlanta Falcons, then the Minnesota Vikings, the New England Patriots, and yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons, of course, get two shots this season to get a win. I don’t see that happening, as the Falcons are a few steps below the Buccaneers in 2022. Dak Prescott, of course, has not beaten Brady in his career, all with Dallas, and continued that trend on Sunday Night.

While the offense against Dallas tonight was hit-and-miss, with Leonard Fournette getting a good portion of the “hit”. The Defense played well all night and kept Dallas in check. There was room for improvement on both sides, and Brady will tell you he was far from on his A-Game, as he was only able to connect with Mike Evans for just one passing touchdown. Next up are our biggest rivals, the Saints of NOLA, who will surely give us all we can handle in the Super Dome next Sunday. I’m sure they will be ready; Brady knows how big the games are against them. They seem to find ways to get the better of the Bucs each season. Go Bucs!!