September 25, 2023

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100 Percent Chance Gronk Comes Back

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Rob Gronkowski via

On a recent episode of Get Up, Mike Tannenbaum, former NFL GM and Dolphins VP, was asked in his opinion, in terms of percent, what are the chances the Rob Gronkowski unretires and comes back to play for the Bucs this season?

Tannenbaum answered with an astounding “100% he comes back! Tom Brady, when he says go, he (Gronk) says “yes, how fast and how high”? Tannenbaum also said “look, they (Tampa Bay) doesn’t need Gronk for 17 games, they need Gronk in consequential moments, third down, red zone, coming down the stretch. Maybe it’s 15 or 20 plays per game. A lot of veterans don’t like training camp. Gronk doesn’t need it, but we (Tampa Bay) need quality plays, not quantity plays and he could be the difference in them beating the Rams down the stretch. So when Tom Brady says “hey Gronk, it’s time to go”, I have no doubt in my mind, he’ll be a Buccaneer”.

Let’s hope Mike’s prediction comes true.