September 25, 2023

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Cam Brate likes what he sees from Kyle Trask

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As a writer, I’ve been very much against the way that Kyle Trask has been handled by the team. I’ve felt that the team should do whatever it takes to get Trask into some regular-season games. All that would do is make the team carry 3 active quarterbacks on game day. It seems like the team could find that active spot for such an important training tool. Sure it would only be mop up duty now and then, but the experiences would be beneficial for Trask, and better acclimate him for when Brady hangs them up for good. I can’t see how Gabbert getting those mop up duties does anything for him, and are more important than Trask getting that experience. I’ve never guided the team to a Super-Bowl victory, so I guess I’ll allow the coaches to do their thing and trust they are getting it right, fingers crossed.

Just last week it was announced that Gabbert’s job as the number 2 was secure. Todd Bowles then came back and clarified that Trask would in fact be competing for the backup role as number 2. Still it makes one wonder, was it political correctness after the fact or true sincerity? I’ve had a bad feeling since Trask was drafted that he wouldn’t really get much of a shot at ever leading this team while it was still playoff capable. Which is why I was very glad to hear what tight end Cam Brate had to say about his take on Trask’s play early on in the 2022 pre-season workouts.

Per Joe Bucs Fan, what follows is what Brate had to say about the Gator product.

“I thought Kyle did a great job,” Brate said after underwear football practice. “Obviously, it’s tough – he’s working with a whole new group of receivers [and] different groups of offensive linemen, so getting all of those guys on the same page is huge for the quarterback.

“I thought Kyle did an awesome job with that [Tuesday], and he made a couple of great throws. You can kind of tell he feels a lot more comfortable this year compared to where he was last year, with a full year of learning the offense.

“I think the future is really bright for Kyle. I think he has got a really good mindset and demeanor about him to play the quarterback position in the NFL, and obviously the arm talent is there, as well. He’s just got to keep improving and keep stacking these good practices.” 

Sounds encouraging from the vetran Buc tight end. So far though it’s nothing that anyone that followed him at Florida didn’t already know. The kid is bright beyond his years and understands what is expected from him. He’s always been behind other great players ahead of him in High School, and College. Being patiently confident in getting his chance to shine is old hat to him. I have to believe he will be absolutely as ready as he can be mentally, he’s good at being ready for that shot when it comes. So far he’s always stepped right in without skipping a beat. Let’s hope that continues as he draws closer to his time in Tampa. Go Bucs!!

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