September 25, 2023

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Logan Hall: “I’ll Go Get The Sacks”

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When the Buccaneers drafted Logan Hall in the second round, the calamity began for many Bucs fans. To say the least, not too many were happy with the selection. With a who’s who left on the board at pick 33, many Bucs fans were already of a mind about who they wanted, and Logan Hall was not at the top.

Logan Hall is a big fella. At 6’6″ and 260 lbs, he is a towering figure with a 4:88 40-time (the 90th percentile for a D lineman), meaning not only is he big, but he is also fast.

“Well, when you walk up to him, he’s a big man first of all,” Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles said of Logan hall. “I rarely look up to anybody. Him being 6′ 6″ and me being about 6′ 2″, I really have to snap my neck to look up at him.” He continued to say, “He’s a very humble guy, but on the field, he works hard. He works very hard, as it showed today. Obviously, it’s shorts and t-shirts, but we like thee hard work in him. He puts in the work, he puts in the time. I like that about him.” It sounds like Todd Bowles is happy with their first selection, even if it is at first glance.

Hall played in 34 games for the Houston Cougars and despite not having wowing statistics, he had shown in the limited time that he has what it takes to make it in the NFL. The wowing factor aside, his tall frame, speed, and hand and footwork give him the necessary tools to disrupt offensive lines. Hall’s 32 ¾” in arm length and 6’7″ wingspan give him the ability to reach the quarterback passed the offensive lineman and bat balls down at the line of scrimmage. Being next to Vita Vea is going to allow this to happen frequently. Recently Hall was asked what he felt about being able to play next to Vita Vea.

“I’m fired up. He can eat all the blocks, get all of the attention, and I’ll go get sacks. I’m really thrilled about that – he’s a good football player.”

Bucs head Coach Todd Bowles commented on the height of the rookie defensive lineman, citing that it is rare to find a defensive lineman as tall as him in this era of the NFL.

“it’s very rare you can get a 6′ 6″ [defensive] lineman these days. They all move to the offensive line. If you can get a prototype, Calais Campbell-type, Will Gholston-type – a guy that can bat down balls and is still athletic enough to do all the things you need him to do – you want the length.”

A lot of Bucs fans may not be too happy with the selection of Logan Hall, but now that he is on the team, those fans should support the rookie out of Houston and begin trusting the process. Hall may not have had one of those top 10 names, but with his attributes working next to Vita Vea, he may wind up having one of those top 10-type careers. So far, all the signs are in place:





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