September 27, 2023

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The purchaser of “Tom Brady’s Last Touchdown Football” has been Identified.

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During the 2021 postseason, Mike Evans caught a 55-yard pass from Tom Brady and tossed it out into the crowd. A week or so following that game, Tom Brady announced that he was retiring. His retirement resulted in the belief that that football was the last touchdown pass of the GOAT’S illustrious career.

Enter Ron Firman, a commercial real estate broker in Miami, Florida. Firman saw an opportunity to purchase a piece of NFL and Tom Brady’s history, so he bid $518,628 on what was believed to be Brady’s final touchdown pass football. All was well, and Firman was more than happy to own a piece of history; however, 40 days later and just mere hours after the auction ended, that all changed. 

On March 13, 2022, Tom Brady announced to the world that he is returning to the NFL and playing for at least another season.

To say that Firman was upset by the announcement would be an understatement; however, things did not end badly for the commercial real estate broker as the auction house, the buyer, and the consignor have agreed to void the sale of the football.

“Following Tom Brady’s unretirement, and after discussions with both the buyer and consignor, we have mutually agreed to void the sale of the football.”

Firman told Lisa Guerrero of Inside Edition, “At first, I couldn’t believe it. Is this possible? How could this be happening?” Firman did, however, say that if the ball was legit, then he was fully prepared to pay that large purchase amount. He also mentioned that despite being a big Tom Brady fan, he never intended to keep the ball but instead intended it to be viewed publically in a museum.

“Brady’s final touchdown football, he said per Inside Editon, should not be ‘on one billionaire’s wall.’ Rather, he had intended to work with the auction house to donate it for public viewing. ‘They were going to going to help me place it in a museum.'”

Firman also admitted that if Tom Brady retires again that he fully intends on bidding on his last touchdown pass. Hopefully, he stays retired this time.


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