December 7, 2023

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Tom Brady is Recruiting Julio Jones?

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Julio Jones (2) AP Photo/Matt Patterson

Tom Brady has unfinished business to attend to, so that means he will need an arsenal of weapons. Recently on Undisputed, Skip Bayless states that Tom Brady is actively recruiting another veteran wide receiver. The story goes that Brady is trying to lure recently released Titans receiver Julio Jones to the Buccaneers. Bucs fans know Julio Jones all too well.

In Julio Jones’s 10 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, he’s torn the Buccaneers apart in 16 games with 114 catches for 1,841 yards and 11 touchdowns. But that was a different Julio Jones. The 11-year veteran suffered a hamstring injury and wasn’t quite the same.

During his brief stint with the Tennessee Titans last season, his age began to show. He did catch 31 passes for 434 yards and a touchdown, but the speed he once had didn’t seem to be there anymore. Jones is still fast and has some left tank, just not what he once had, but maybe a pit stop in Tampa could be beneficial for both the team and Jones.

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