December 4, 2023

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Chris Godwin: Keeping him in Pewter and Red!

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For those of you that understand and keep up with the annual salary cap struggles, 2022 stood out as a pivotal season. It’s a season that will see many Buccaneer’s contracts expire. In those all-important seasons, tough decisions must be made by NFL teams on who gets the money and who will move on to other teams. Last season when Chris Godwin was tagged, it was felt by many at the time, and still, today that Godwin received the tag to get him to 2022 so to then give him the big-money deal that he so deserves and at least try and anchor him to Tampa Bay through his prime years. Godwin’s money, we all know that.

Keeping Godwin and Evans together results in one of the strongest and most talented receiving duos in the NFL. With the quarterback situation the way it is and all the unknowns that come along with it next season. The importance of retaining both receivers is imperative. It will be a huge plus for any quarterback that will be playing here in 2022, whether it will be Kyle Trask or a free agent or one that we trade for. Having those two talents out there will certainly make any quarterback that we have or bring in’s job that much easier.

We have all heard and seen for ourselves how great of a blocker Godwin is. He shy’s away from no one when blocking and is regarded as one of the better blocking receivers in the game today. No doubt there will be a handful of teams seeking to lure him away from Tampa and make him their #1 target in this coming season’s free-agent haul. It’s a given that there will be teams offering up more money than the Bucs are able to pony up. That’s where the player’s feelings about the team, city, ownership, coaches, and management all come together to make the player’s choice easy or difficult. Talents like Chris Godwin are few and far between, and the Bucs will do their best so that he remains here in Tampa.

Personally, I believe like some players that love where they play, Godwin will take less money to be where he feels is home for him. Nothing would make Buc fans happier than to close the deal early on Godwin’s status and end the drama and second-guessing. Losing Godwin would be a big letdown for everyone connected in any way to the franchise and would be a loss that would show up on the field right away. I believe a deal will get done. The Bucs didn’t bring him here to play a few seasons, become a top-flight receiver and then let him walk away. Go Bucs!!

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