December 4, 2023

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Kyler Murray and Mike Evans Have Bucs Fans Dreaming

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Kyler Murray, the third-year quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, has wiped out, deleted, and taken down all images and references to him as an Arizona Cardinal in all his social media accounts.

Murray had an awful game against the Rams a few weeks ago in the playoffs, going just 19/34 for 137 yards, with two interceptions in a 34-11 loss, which brought Arizona’s once-promising season to a crashing halt.

The Cardinals started out the season with seven straight wins before going into the bye week 9-2. After the bye, their 2-4 record was enough to see Murray take his team to the postseason. Probably nobody was surprised to see an early exit to end a frustrating season that will leave more questions than answers.

With the explosive revelations that Kyler Murray has scrubbed his social media of the Arizona Cardinals, the team has publicly stated that they know of no problems between them and Murray.


What will no doubt stir the pot further is that Murray had a much better performance in the Pro Bowl, throwing three touchdown passes and one to Mike Evans this past weekend. Murray had shared a Tweet from Mike Evans which has sprung to life the rumor that the quarterback may be hinting at wanting to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Door Number 2? 

Mike Evans also posted an Instagram story “Always wanted to catch a pass from the Texas legend @k1″. Leading many to believe he is recruiting the young gunner.

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Murray may just be wanting a new contract elsewhere, but if the Cardinals exercise a fifth-year option before May 5th, they essentially lock him up for two more seasons.

“He is discontent about his contract situation while the team wants to see if he can remain healthy for a season and win in the playoffs with Kingsbury.” – per Fox Sports Radio’s George Wrightster III on Twitter. 

Fans might remember that former Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson had also deleted all team references from his Instagram account in 2019 when wanting out of Arizona. Make no mistake about it the Cardinals are not going to allow Murray to go anywhere. Only time will reveal for certain the outcome but, all fans of other teams needing a quarterback can expect to be disappointed in 2022. This kind of situation is nothing new in the NFL, and the outcome will probably be the same as in most of them. He will work something out with the team at some point, and all will be well in Arizona. It would be best not to read too deeply into a player on another team, trying to give themselves more negotiating power, although the Cardinals still hold the trump cards at the table.

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