September 27, 2023

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Lavonte David, Giovani Bernard, and Leonard Fournette return to practice.

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Lavonte David (54) via

This is probably the best news the Bucs can get as they gear up to take on the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday for the NFL Wild Card.

The Bucs have designated three key players from injury reserve as returned to practice. – Per Scott Smith of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bernard, David, and Leonard Forunett all went on IR in December and are now entering into the 21 day period to return. This means the players can practice with the team and not count towards the 53 roster. They can return at any time within the 21-day frame.

Bruce Arians recently said that they were all heading in the right direction. The hope is that they will be ready to go Sunday as their return will help the Buccaneers defeat the Eagles and advance to the next round of the playoffs. The team has missed Lavonte David’s tackling ability, and having him back this week versus a team with a stout running game and a dual-threat quarterback will be paramount towards the team’s success.