October 21, 2021

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Tom Brady Has Career Game While Injured?

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Tom Brady (12) has all day to throw - via buccaneers.com

Sunday’s manhandling of the Miami Dolphins is exactly what the doctor ordered for a team that has been plagued with injuries. Fans will concur that yesterday’s game was uplifting after being bombarded with bad news over the past few weeks.

Brady did Brady things. He threw the ball often and threw it well while leading the Buccaneers to a 45-17 victory over the ‘Phins. Completing 30 of 41 passes for 400+ yards and 5 touchdowns does not seem like any fantastic feat for a guy who has been doing that over a 20 year career; however, according to Jenna Laine, this is the first time he’s ever thrown for 5 touchdowns with only 400 yards. Brady had thrown for 5 TDs in a single game, and in fact, has done it 9 times, placing him 2 behind Drew Brees for the most in a career. Brees had done it 11 times. The 21-year veteran also is the oldest quarterback in NFL history to throw for 5 or more touchdowns in a single game — A title which he earned in October of 2020.

Brady’s 5 or more TD Regular season games:

  • 10/14 2007 vs Dallas: 388 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, (48-27w)
  • 10/21/2007 vs Miami: 354 yards, 6 TD, 0 INT, (49-28w)
  • 11/18/ 2007 vs Buffalo: 373 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, (56-10w)
  • 10/18/2009 vs Tennessee: 380 yards, 6 TD, 0 INT, (59-0w)
  • 10/26/2014 vs Chicago: 354 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, (51 – 23w)
  • 9/24/2017 vs Houston: 378 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, (36-33w)
  • 10/4/2020 vs Los Angeles Chargers: 369 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT, (38-31w)
  • 10/10/ 211 vs Miami: 411 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, (45-17w)
  •  9/13/2021 vs Atlanta: 276 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT,  (48-25w)

Added to yesterday’s career game was the fact that he had sustained an injury to his thumb at some point early in the game. Tom Brady’s je ne sais quoi cannot be equaled. He is committed to playing through the injury.

Yeah, in my younger days, I probably [would have] never showed you guys that I wrapped it up because I’d probably try to keep it a secret, but I think in my old age, I don’t care as much. Yeah, I mean it’s just a kind of a football injury. So, do my best, you know, to get ready for this game. We’ll see what happens.” – Brady stated to reporters following the game on Sunday.

The Buccaneers have a short week and will face the Eagles on Thursday night. It will be no easy task as the struggling Philadelphia team has proven they can play quality football, showing that; as they defeated the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, 21-18.