October 21, 2021

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Tom Brady To Break Another Drew Brees Record?

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Tom Brady (12) via buccaneers.com

In week 4, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady already broke Drew Brees’s record for the NFL’s most passing yards All-Time. Brady is now closing in on another All-Time record held by Drew Bees; most completions.

Brees has quite the jump on this one at 7,142 career completions, but Tom Brady is right behind the retired soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback with 6,897 — a difference of 245.

Brady has completed between 373 passes and 401 over the last 4 seasons, so breaking the record with 246 completions should be an easy task for the GOAT — 246 completions would put him at 365 completions on the year; something he’s thrown under just 7 times in his 21-year career.

When Tom Brady breaks the record, his long-time pal Drew Brees will certainly be one in the crowd of millions who will be applauding the loudest.