November 28, 2021

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Running game: what’s the problem?

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Leonard Fournette (7) via | Mark LoMoglio | AP

Riggins and Payton

Okay, so nobody is going to mistake the Bucs as Riggin’s Redskins (Washington Football Team) or Payton’s Bears. We don’t run to pass; we pass to pass. I mean pass to run, or do I? Anyways, you know what I mean. It’s been said RoJo is having a down year early. We have also heard about Jones’s continued struggle with his blocking assignments. The thing is, though, nobody is doing anything on the ground with this team. Jones, Lenny, nor Vaughn, who according to fans, was supposed to be the greatest thing since crunchy peanut butter when drafted has done anything.

2 out of 3 have been shootouts

Let’s look at it for face value. So far this season, two of the three games the Bucs have played were shootouts. Those types of games don’t lend themselves to success running the ball. Consider that and add to it that none of the backs are doing anything on the ground. It kinda points the finger at the offensive line and or the play-calling when running the football. Byron Leftwich didn’t have any problems play calling the run game last season. The passing game hasn’t had much trouble throwing points onto the board. It just makes one wonder if the o-line could be part of the problem. They don’t really seem like they picked right up from last season entering this one. They haven’t played terribly from what I’ve witnessed. There have been some breakdowns, but that is going to happen from time to time.

Still very early, panic not

It’s still early, remember it took us 13 games to really step it up and play well together last season with the Covid measures that were in place. Maybe it’s going to take 4-6 games this season. One season is rarely like the next in the NFL. But maybe for a select few — and sometimes not even for those. When you go from one season to another— even when bringing everyone back—there is still a re-set going into the next season. Players are in different places mentally, hunger, dedication, etc. it goes on and on. One season is just rarely, the next. It’s why repeat champions don’t happen all that often. It’s difficult to harness in a bottle what you had one season and bring it to the next.

Creating hesitation is a must.

I’m hoping that the staff will give the run game a little more importance and get it right before moving on. There is no substitution. You must be able to run the ball to win a championship. The run by no means has to become your offensive philosophy, but when you need/have to do it. You must, more times than not, be able to produce. The defense’s lack of success also hurts the run game; if you can’t stop anyone from scoring. You have to keep up, which lends itself to slinging the football. The Bucs have good coaches, so they know there need to be some adjustments made. Opposing defenses must not be allowed to pin their ears back and come full throttle at Brady. There has to be that fear of a big run. A good run game creates hesitation in play and in defensive play calling. Let’s hope we can get the problems corrected and start having some success running the football. It’s a must moving forward. Go Bucs!!