October 21, 2021

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Tom Brady Sounds Off On The League’s Stricter Taunting Rules

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Tom Brady (12) | AP Photo

Over the course of the first two weeks of the season, a total of 11 yellow flags have been thrown for excessive celebration/taunting. The emotions run high on this issue. Many believe it is hurting the game. After week 2’s games, Tom Brady replied to a tweet by complexsports that said the rules wereruining the game”  He did so with one word, “agree”.


It’s one thing to change the NFL rules to provide more safety and prevent brain injuries to players. It’s quite another when you add rules to the game because some guy that just got toasted for a 50-yard touchdown got his feelings hurt when the toaster pointed at him, pumped his fist, and high-stepped it into the end zone. There is something so fundamental about a little showboating, a little hoopla when a player beats his opponent with an exciting score. Likewise, it runs the other way as well. If a defense or defender makes a great stop, or play, to blow up the offensive effort, there’s cause for excitement. Within this frame of mind, I think we all have an understanding of what goes too far and what’s in bad taste.

Do we really need to put this on the same level as giving everyone a participation trophy even if they never made an input to the game day team effort on the field?

People get their feelings hurt way too easily these days because they are coddled. The truth is sometimes people need to get their feelings hurt, children too. It molds character, motivates effort, and brings intensity to the individual on the losing side of whatever the game, sport, or activity was.

It’s natural to act out a bit. Isn’t this what the entire game is actually about? Scoring touchdowns, scoring in any way possible, stopping the scoring in any way possible, isn’t that the game of football? Furthermore, the NFL is show business, probably the biggest form of entertainment in America. They are sapping the life out of it. Dumbing down America’s Passtime is what it is.

I agree with our starting quarterback, and I’m glad he’s not afraid to say it! Go Bucs!!