July 7, 2022

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Brady’s Pursuit of Perfection is Astounding

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There is no question that #12 continues day in and day out to persistently honing his skills. Throughout his career, he has accomplished more than anyone could imagine from one’s NFL career and solidified his name as the greatest of all time, but that won’t stop him from wanting more.

Brady’s refusal to accept any standard short of perfection is why he is the GOAT. For example, today in scrimmage Tom Brady takes a snap, steps back, throws a perfect pass over the middle, and Devin White comes out of nowhere and intercepts it. Brady then walks back 8 yards behind the next rotational quarterback, takes off his helmet, and slams it to the ground.

The way he acted after the interception made him appear to be like a player who’s trying to make the team, rather than a player who has won 7 Super Bowls and multiple M.V.P. awards. His relentless pursuit of perfection never stops. Not even in practice. These little details are what make him the G.O.A.T.!

I have been to practices many times over the past 30 years, and I have never witnessed anything as I have seen with Tom Brady. It is not only refreshing and gives me hope for the future, but it is a treat. One that anyone should be grateful for having witnessed.

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