July 25, 2021

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Could we see Kyle Trask in Red and Pewter?

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Mandatory Credit: Brad McClenny-USA TODAY NETWORK

Lonely at the quarterback meetings

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Tom Brady is the only rostered quarterback we have at this time. Chances are pretty rock-solid that Blane Gabbert will return as the number #2. I say that, of course, because if you are going to be a backup quarterback, why not pick up another ring and hang out with Tom Brady? Ryan Griffin has a cap value of over 1.5 million if he were to be re-signed to the #3. One would think that a player of much more potential should be slotted into the #3, and learn from Mr. Brady for a season or two. I was truly hoping the Bucs would have selected Anthony Gordon (QB Wash. St) with the last pick in this past year’s draft. In my opinion, he was a steal there. Moving forward to the present, the quarterback is on the list of positions that are needed. So is an end-rusher/outside linebacker, defensive line, middle linebacker, and running back (all of the Bucs noteworthy currently rostered running backs are free agents after this 2021 season except Ke’Shawn Vaughn). Also, my opinion is that Ronald Jones may be a tough sign in 22. There just might be some interest in a player of his talent with low mileage. The last two Bucs Regimes have not been kind to the position whatsoever. Jones may be ready to move to a team that is more geared to the running game. He will never reach his potential if he doesn’t. He’s one of those guys that gets better as the carries go up. It’s about time he’s getting warmed up on Dale Mabry. The game is over. He’s just not needed to do but only so much, air rules around Arian’s house.

What are the odds?

There is a good chance that if the Bucs can find a guy of good value in the second round and beyond, but depending on where the other needs fall into their plans and the values of those players in the same rounds, they might pull the trigger. Arians said so himself recently.

“If the right guy is there that we think is a developmental guy that has the upside that outweighs every other position of those five-six guys that we’re looking at, then yeah.We wouldn’t be against it. Same thing in the second round and the third round. If we have five guys and one is a quarterback, and we think his development’s better than those positions, sure.” Bruce Arians 

How good is he really?

Kyle Trask is rated by one service as the #6 QB in the draft. Most others have him at #7. The truth is he could be better or worse than those projections. Only time will tell. Being a big Gator fan, I would hate to see him come here and bomb. The Gators need to have one of their better products at the position; finally have some success in the Big Show. With the exception of Rex Grossman, who had some success with the Bears and John Reeves with the Bandits, no quarterback from Gainesville has shined as a starter for any amount of time. I guess it all comes down to how high the Bucs have Trask rated. He’s actually a good fit with Arians’ system. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but neither does Brady. A very accurate pocket passer with a nice touch on the ball, Trask could be just what the doctor ordered to sit and learn for a year or two. Then, of course, there is the chance that another unknown team could trade up and take the Gator. All bets are off.

Wrapping up

It’s all conjecture at this point. Arians/Licht could have someone else in mind. Trask is just one of the more high-profile guys that could slip to a place where the Bucs feel good about making the move or maybe not. Don’t you love the days leading up to the NFL draft? Go Bucs!!

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