April 12, 2021

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Does Fitz, Fit?

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There is no doubt that you’ve heard rumors of “a strong push” for the services of Free Agent veteran receiver Larry Fitzgerald. A high-quality player, and by all accounts, a great locker room presence. The type of player that would instantly improve most receiving corps in the NFL.

Time to snap back to reality. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have more than adequate pieces in place at the wide receiver position. In fact, you might remember that Mike Evans just became the only player to record back to back 1000 yard seasons since entering the league? Maybe you recall Chris Godwin has signed his tag while a long-term deal is structured? Or perhaps the growth of rookie receiver Tyler Johnson? How about Brady’s favorite undersized receiver, Scotty “Scooter” Miller. We still have Justin Watson fighting for playing time, also.

Even if you’re not quite up to date with the specifics of the Wide Receiver room, surely you remember the most devastating offense seen in Tampa, maybe ever? How about the Super Bowl?

Since the Front Office has returned every starter from that Super Bowl run, the Buccaneers can be awfully picky about who they pursue and how much they spend. An aging veteran isn’t high on that list of priorities right now.

Certainly, the question has been asked. You don’t turn your nose up at quality players that might be available. But, without the desperation of needing to fill holes in the roster, a deal has to be good for everyone. Right now, the money and prospect of declining play due to age isn’t something that Tampa Bay is interested in.

But let us not forget the other side of this equation. Even Larry Fitzgerald himself has said that if he isn’t playing in Arizona, he won’t be playing. So, regardless of how strong the “push” is if the player himself is choosing between another season with the Cardinals or retirement, it’s just not likely.

I would end this with “stick with us as the story develops” but, we all have better things to do than wait on something that is as likely to happen as the planet being wiped out by a rogue asteroid this year.

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