June 25, 2021

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Antonio Brown Accuser Granted Rights To Seek Documents From Bucs

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Attorneys for Brown’s accuser, Britney Taylor, over rape and sexual assault charges against the gifted receiver were granted the right to subpoena The Bucs, Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots for any documents found that could aid their client to prove her case. The teams, of course, have the right to fight the order if they so choose. Chances are though that they will have to produce most if not all of what is requested. The subpoenas target:

 “correspondence, memoranda, communications, agreements, messages or other written documentation” in the possession, custody, or control of the Buccaneers, Steelers, Patriots, Raiders, and NFL Properties regarding Brown.”

Per Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times, the presiding judge recently ruled that the subpoena would not include the Steelers as it was outside the scope of the investigation.

It probably wouldn’t be a great idea for any of the teams to fight the order, as it may be taken negatively from the public and not reflect well upon them. So the never-ending saga continues for Mr. Brown. Honestly, I cannot see the Bucs wanting to touch this thing with a ten-foot pole when the job can be done with numerous other players.

I’d look for Brown not to re-join the team in 2021.

But then again, I guess Mr. Brady will be asked what he thinks about it moving forward. Why even entertain the chance that there could be negative public relations from bringing him back at this stage of things?

Better to err on the caution’s side in my book. Stay tuned as the world turns. Go Bucs

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