April 22, 2021

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Dropped passes: The truth concerning Ronald Jones II

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Bucs social media ranting

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been reading how bad a receiver our number one running back is on Bucs Social Media.

“Draft his replacement.”  “He is a bum.” “Fournette is a much better all-around back.” “He has got to go.”

Being a very strong supporter of his, I decided to investigate and find out what’s really happening with all the uproar among a good number of Bucs Fans. What I found was that there was no real basis for the uproar taking place on the internet about the subject. One person posts a negative comment about the subject and criticizes a player. The next thing you know, it’s like an idiot with a flame thrower in a fireworks store, It’s spreading, and there’s crap flying everywhere.

The same amount of drops as Evans

As it turns out, Jones dropped as many passes as Mike Evans did in 2020 with five. Should we draft Evan’s replacement as well? Jones didn’t even make the top ten in passes dropped. New Orleans Saints player Alvin Kamara a running back known for his ability to catch passes out of the backfield dropped six passes this past season. One point that can be made from the negative side is that Jones doesn’t have a whole lot of balls thrown to him in the first place, so five drops are more to a player like Jones. What I know is that five drops are five drops, and if he was that bad at it, he would have more than five. Even the greatest running back of all-time catching balls out of the backfield, Marshall Faulk had his what you could call down seasons for dropping balls. I believe this past season was nothing to be concerned about. Remember, Jones has only been a factor in the past two seasons. He was a forgotten man in his rookie debut year. So, he is very much still learning and growing as a player. One could assume that he will devote more practice time to receiving and will only get better.

Many fans have always been very critical of Jones

I believe fans, whom overall I have found to be very judgemental where Jones is concerned in all aspects, are just over-reacting and being hyper-critical to this past season. I think it is unfair to label Jones this early in his career a poor receiver. Even the greatest at it, Marshall Faulk, had to work at it and train and practice with receivers to hone his abilities and get better at the skill. When Jones was heading into his second season, I talked him up and predicted big things coming from the young running back. The amount of negative reaction to those articles was pretty high, with many fans calling for the Bucs to cut the young man outright and to be done with him. This kind of thinking has always aggravated me, as my opinion of Jones is that he was going to be special. I believe that last season was just a preview of things to come for him. He’s only going to get better, and we haven’t seen much of what he can do. The longest run from scrimmage in Bucs History is a prime example of how good he is. The Bucs haven’t had many great players at the position, but they have had a handful, and none of them were able to do what he did.

Wrapping up

In closing, I would like to add that I saw some fans calling for cutting Jones and re-signing Fournette because he’s a much better receiver. Fournette’s total of dropped balls this past season, you may ask. Five, same as Jones. Lighten up a bit, folks, and give him some room and time to grow. He will get better at catching the football. I’d bet on it. Go Bucs!!

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