January 19, 2022

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Leonard Fournette is uncertain of return with the team.

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Leonard Fournette is coming off of his best season since he was a rookie in Jacksonville, and it was also the same season that the Jaguars were one game away from playing in Super Bowl LII. That same season Fournette and the Jaguars lost to his current teammate Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. This past year in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has won a Super Bowl. Fournette has fought through injuries throughout his career and has had off-the-field issues, but so far since he has been in Tampa, I think he has gotten it together.

Free agency and the salary cap are coming up, and the Buccaneers will be in a difficult decision on who they need to keep from the 2020 Super Bowl run. Leonard Fournette still has a one-year contract worth up to $3.5 million, and I am under the impression that he still wants to be in Tampa in the future. For most of the 2020 season, he did sit behind Ronald Jones, but did play in a lot of the games.

Leonard Fournette, who does want to remain with the team, is currently uncertain if he will be a Buccaneer in 2021, but if you are a Tampa Bay fan, you need to have faith in General Manager Jason Licht. I say Licht will have the most pressure of any general manager this offseason because he will have many contracts to work out and negotiate.

Remember, the Buccaneers do have many superstars that they will want to keep, but there might be an odd man out.

Buccaneers fans need to continue their faith in Jason Licht because their patients with him finally paid off in 2021. Licht has made bold moves in recent years, and he has accomplished everything he said he was going to do. I think he will make the right move with Leonard Fournette, and I don’t believe that we will be disappointed.