January 19, 2022

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Could J.J. Watt end up in Tampa?

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Image Credit: Charles LeClaire | USA Today

On Friday, the Houston Texans released longtime defensive end, J.J. Watt. For the past year, Watt did mention that he was not happy with his contract, and that was around the time when former Texans head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien was fired. When Watt was released, several teams have shown interest, such as the Steelers, Browns, Bills, and Titans. Obviously, it would make sense that they are throwing Pittsburg in there because his brother T.J. Watt is a linebacker for the Steelers.

Have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shown any interest in J.J. Watt? I have not heard any reports of Jason Licht and head coach Bruce Arians mention anything about Watt coming to Tampa. The Buccaneers and Steelers do have the best odds to land Watt, and in all honesty, the Super Bowl champions do have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. Free agency is coming up, and if the Buccaneers have any hopes of landing J.J. Watt, there will probably have to be an odd man out and not to mention the salary cap.

What if you have Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and J.J. Watt on the same team? I would call that the dream team of the NFL, and there have been dream teams in the NBA, but I believe the Buccaneers can continue to make history. If the Buccaneers land Watt then Todd Bowels will have the easiest defensive coordinator job in the league, and Patrick Mahomes made it look that way in Super Bowl LV.