May 9, 2021

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The 2020 Buccaneers, a Team of Destiny

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Back on March 20 of last year, Jason Licht pulled off the biggest free agent acquisition in Buccaneers history signing future Hall of Fame quarterback and six time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to a two year deal. Little did any of us know that it was the beginning of a storybook season that could lead us to a fairytale ending this Sunday.

Each year, the two best teams in the NFL meet up in the Super Bowl to play for the title of WORLD CHAMPION. Typically, the teams that make it here deserve to be here. But there are those rare circumstances where a team is destined to be here. For this Buccaneers team, this seems to be their year.

From landing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to drafting future superstars like right tackle Tristan Wirfs and safety Antoine Winfield Jr, the Bucs off-season might have been the most successful one in team history. Throw in free agent signings like Leonard Fournette, Antonio Brown, Joe Haeg, Steve McClendon and Ross Cockrell and there’s no doubt that it’s the best Bucs off-season ever.

I know, that doesn’t make this a season of destiny, right? I agree, but it lays the foundation for one.

Fast forward to Week 4 when they lost OJ Howard for the season with a torn achilles. Then to Week 5 when they seemingly lost Vita Vea for the season with a fractured ankle. Both injuries could have crippled this team, but they didn’t. In steps Cam Brate for Howard. And in steps Rakeem Nunez-Roches for Vea. The team doesn’t skip a beat. And don’t forget that Vita Vea, the medical marvel, healed up fast enough to come back and be able to play 33 snaps against the Packers where he made a significant contribution.

I know, that doesn’t really do it either.

What about this season’s schedule? It ended up favoring the Bucs when it was all said and done. A really late Week 13 bye week gave this team a chance to regroup and refocus after losing two straight games to the Rams and Chiefs by three points each to drop to a 7-5 record. Then having four very winnable games to close out the season in the Vikings, Lions and Falcons twice. They won all four improving to 11-5 and earning a playoff spot.

Still not convinced, huh? Okay.

What about this run of luck with opposing team injuries in the playoffs? In the wildcard round, Washington was missing their starting quarterback. In the divisional round, New Orleans was missing two of it’s BIG offensive weapons in Taysom Hill and Latavius Murray. In the NFC Championship, Green Bay was missing BOTH of their starting offensive tackles. And now for the Super Bowl, the Chiefs are also missing one of their offensive tackles and the other is playing out of position.

You’re starting to believe now, aren’t you?

How about some numerology for your ass? Tom Brady is 43 years old. Four plus three is seven and if they do win on Sunday, it would be his seventh time doing so. Brady wears the number 12 on his jersey. Reverse that number and you get 21, as in 2021. This is going to be Super Bowl LV (55), which happens to be the number of the greatest linebacker in Buccaneers history Derrick Brooks. Speaking of 55, what is 55 – 43? That’s right, it’s 12. Since 2014, Brady has won a Super Bowl after each even number season (2014, 2016, 2018) and lost after each odd number season (2015, 2017, 2019). Super Bowl LV is following an even number season (2020), so you know what that means.

You’re almost convinced now, huh? How about one more thing?

SUPER BOWL LV IS IN TAMPA! Since May of 2017 when it was announced that Super Bowl LV was being relocated from Los Angeles to Tampa, we’ve ALL thought about it. How cool would it be for the Bucs to play in the Super Bowl in Raymond James Stadium? And now here we are. For the first time in NFL history, a team will host AND play in a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Unbelievable.

That did it, didn’t it? I got you. You believe now.

This 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers team is supposed to be right here, right now. They were all along. The year 2020 wasn’t easy for Bucs fans. We lost a number of devoted fans, great friends and beloved family members last year. But now, the fans that we lost have turned into our good luck guardian angels guiding us and this team through the postseason and into the history books. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask my buddy Keith “BIG NASTY” Kunzig and he’ll say the same thing. His brother Kenny is one of them. Oh and by the way, “BIG NASTY” will be at the game on Sunday with his daughter. Her name is Destiny.

Sunday won’t just be about the Super Bowl. It will be a celebration of life for all of those angels up there looking down and watching our Tampa Bay Buccaneers team of destiny raise the flags, fire the cannons and hoist that Lombardi Trophy once again. And I can’t wait.

Until then, as always…GO BUCS!!!


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