April 18, 2021

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Bucs in Danger of Losing Coordinators?

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Image via buccaneers.com

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the playoffs for the first time in what seems like a million years! It is a time for rejoicing! Saturday is the day, and Washington is the location. The Football team is 7-9, the Bucs are 11-5; neither team should be taken lightly, despite the feeling that the Buccaneers will skate through Washington without a hiccup. However, there is more going on to the story than just the playoffs, but the playoffs are first and foremost on the minds of our OC and DC.

Pewter Report has been on this every step of the way and was the FIRST to report the interest in Todd Bowles to interview for their head coaching position. Bowles, of course, has work to do, but he did confirm that he will be conducting that interview in the offseason. I would hate to lose our fearless defensive coordinator, but would be extremely happy for the man! 

Additionally, there is the word being put out that there is interest in our offense coordinator, Byron Leftwich, by his alma mater, Marshall, for the head coaching position. Of course, the connection is strong between the two, but playoffs are the first business that will be conducted. Leftwich played for 5 seasons at Marshall, recording 11,903 yards and 89 TDs, and still owns 9 top-10 passing records at Marshall. 

Playoffs first! But the Buccaneers are surely in danger of losing both of their coordinators  to the offseason.

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