April 18, 2021

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Bucs looking to avoid letdown against Falcons

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Falcon’s record isn’t very impressive, they are a dangerous team to tangle with as the regular season comes to a close this week. The setup is there, A Bucs team having clinched a playoff spot going up against a division rival with an interim skipper in Raheem Morris that would like nothing better than to beat his old team up and down the field. Maybe put an exclamation point on his case for changing the Interim portion of his title. This game creates a bit of a churning in my belly, a warning of impending danger. It surely wouldn’t be hard to imagine this Bucs team getting handed their rear end on a platter. Make no mistake about it: The Falcons have a quick strike, throw a bunch of points up on the board, type of team. With our defensive backfield being suspect at times, it’s the right mixture for a perfect Falcons storm.

The Bucs have to take care of business, have a no letdown in attitude, and prep for this opponent. This game should serve as a warm-up for round one of the post-season. There is a big difference between a winning team and a team that wins. Bruce Arians had said this week that Ronald Jones needs to play a bigger role. Music to my ears! Without a doubt, he has been underappreciated and under-used in the last two seasons. Arians also said this before, though, concerning the Back out of Southern Cal. Making a concerted effort within the gameplan and play selection on game day has seemingly fallen short when the rubber hits the road. Only good things can come from handing Jones more of a role in the gameday offense. He can take some pressure off Brady and make our execution of play-action more of a real reason to cause the Falcons Defense pause and hesitation in committing to automatically defending the pass. More running and quick passes to our running backs; makes us more multi-dimensional and harder to defend. It causes our opponents to devote more time to prepare and game day responsibility. A business-like attitude and attention to the fundamentals will set us up in a good way rolling into the rare air of the post-season. We need to display a winning culture; this is as great a place to start as anywhere. Put it on those Falcons. Go Bucs!!!

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