April 18, 2021

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Tom Brady coaching up the younger players; Arians says, “Super Bowl or Bust”:

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Image Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Arians isn’t exactly one to sing the praises of veteran QB Tom Brady, at least this season, it seemed like he threw Brady under the bus more often than not. Of course, there is no question of how Arians actually feels about Tom Brady or he wouldn’t be dripped out in a Buccaneers uniform. However, there had been some doubt about Brady’s ability to work with younger players, which come from his latter days in New England.  But, that simply does not seem to be the case, at all in Tampa Bay.

“It’s been a joy. It’s been awesome!” Arians said during his appearance on Good Morning Football on Wednesday. “I didn’t know that Tom took so much time with young players and coached them. It’s one thing for me to say, ‘When you’re coming out of your break, your arms aren’t pumping’, and they say, ‘Sure.’ Then Tom says it, they go, ‘Oh, really?’ And they do it. It’s like, I appreciate you, brother. It’s like having another coach on the field for sure.”

Arians has no problem with stating the obvious – we’ve stated it all season long – that now that things have clicked together and the Bucs finally make it to the postseason, that it is Super Bowl or Bust! Despite that being the expectation every season, the Buccaneers and fans have not exactly made that their expectations since the following few seasons post 2002 Super Bowl win.

“It’s Super Bowl or bust! That’s the goal every year, and you can’t get to the Super Bowl if you can’t get in the playoffs, so that has been huge for us. It has been a fun year, there is a lot of football left, and we’re really excited!”

With expectations high and the clinching of a playoff spot still resonating within the hearts of all fans, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a prime spot to make, not only history, but to also put the league on notice: Hey! We are here, and we are the Buccaneers!

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