February 26, 2021

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Close but No Cigar Against Mahomes and the Chiefs

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It should be understood that last Sunday was a very big game for the Chiefs and Buccaneers last week. If the Buccaneers could have come back and won, it would have been a huge win for the team but instead if was an even bigger win for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have just one loss which was to former Buccaneer coach and Ring of Honor member Jon Gruden’s Raiders. They have also had some close calls against the Raiders, Panthers, and Chargers.

The Chiefs held off a comeback bid by Brady and team. For a bit of time, it almost felt like one of those eventual comeback wins that Tom Brady pulled off so often in New England. I remember in so many of those games thinking, here he (Brady) comes, he’s coming back to win this game. More often than not, he did just that. None bigger than the brilliant comeback against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI back in 2017.

There’s no doubt that the Chiefs dodged a serious bullet against our Bucs. Our defense had settled down quite a bit as it always does by the second half, and Mahomes and company weren’t finding it so easy to put more points on the board after going ahead 27-10. My thought during the game was maybe the defense needs to practice on its prevention skills. The Buccaneers defense couldn’t stop the Chiefs offense from picking up a first down when it truly mattered late in the fourth quarter.

I would have loved to have seen the Bucs have a chance to go down the field and have one more set of downs to potentially tie the game at 27. Things must be done to stop the all out flurry of points that are being scored against the Bucs in the first quarter. It’s almost like starting in a hole too big to crawl out of over the last three to four games. As I have often pointed out, they don’t do well when behind.

I’ve wondered recently about the Bucs and their inability to come back and win games when they are down. Even before halftime, I told myself that they weren’t going to be able to comeback and win this game. They seem to pull you back in with an attempt at a comeback only to drop you on your face as time expires. It almost makes me wonder what’s going on.

We all know how Brady became the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) by running a dink and dunk offense. Brady would hit James White and Rex Burkhead with a screen pass and the occasional longer throw to Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and the rest of the Patriots offense mixed in. When it came time for Brady to pull off a comeback, he could still hit the longer ball for big gains.

In Tampa’s offense, he’s expected to throw the long ball as often as possible. Where does that leave you to go when you get behind? You fall behind throwing the long ball and now you have to comeback doing the same. Seems like a pretty unlikely proposal to me.

On paper, if you play the Tampa offense to the t, you are up and pulling away from your opponent. The problem with that is this collection of players and Tom Brady haven’t been together long enough to develop chemistry. It has been said time after time during this COVID-19 scripted season that it really took a toll on the Bucs missing out on all of the organized practices and training camp. That fact is clearer with every loss that gets added to the schedule.

Honestly, it makes no sense to ask a short to medium distance passer that has been very successful over the last 20 years to change up the way that he plays. How can you expect him to be as good as he was in his natural game when you’re forcing him to run your style of offense? You should cater to Tom’s style instead of forcing a 43 year old to run a completely vertical offense.

Expecting Brady to come in and go against what comes so natural to him doesn’t make much sense. How one-dimensional do you have to be as a coach to think that you can force a system on a quarterback and expect him to be successful at it? Arians has 20 years worth of film footage to examine and still can’t seem to make it work.

He has never been the kind of quarterback that Arians and Leftwich want him to be to run their offense and be consistently succussful with it. I can guarantee you that ifArians had the choice of any quarterback in the NFL that the Buccaneers would not have picked Brady. The reason being is that Tom Brady obviously isn’t the correct fit for this style. A coach is supposed to take the talent obtained to greater heights and showcase the strengths of each player.

Bruce Arians wants his players, regardless of their skill set, to run the system that he runs. I don’t need to tell you that the brakes are going to get beaten off sooner rather than later. In a perfect world, you can pick and choose every player that you want. These choices would obviously that make you very, very hard to beat. It could make Arians a genius and a top three head coach.

Back down here on earth, things don’t work that way. You get who you get, and play to their strengths. As long as Brady is continually asked to throw the deep ball rather than to his strength, this team will never reach its full potential. There will be big wins along the way, but when you lose to a team like Chicago, there are serious problems. Until this coaching staff tweaks its offensive philosophy to cater more to Brady, this is what you will get. Close losses against real contenders. The offensive line was back together again and they were adequate for the most part against Kansas City.

More and more, The Buccaneer fans are coming aboard the RoJo’s a star bus. I’ve been saying it since last season. You give this guy 20-30 carries in a game and he’s going to deliver more times than not. Truthfully, we haven’t seen but a glimpse of what Jones can do. Put the offense on Jones’ back and you give Brady a chance to breathe and not have to throw the ball 50 times a game.

The Bucs didn’t abandon the run like they have in other losses but Jones still should have had at least five more carries in the Chiefs game. Is Arians afraid of losing his “no risk it, no biscuit” moniker if he runs too much? I don’t know for sure what the hold up is but if Arians doesn’t change something soon, we will be out of the hunt to even get into the playoffs. Arians’ stubbornness is going to run this train right into the side of a mountain. Be prepared and buckle up because there is still some ride left on this season. I’ve always been the type to be optimistic more than pessimistic. This is unless I see some things that I can no longer deny. I have now seen those things.

I hate to say it, but to me, it’s getting pretty bleak. The team just has too many problems (coaching related) to turn it around this season. Unless Arians and staff are able to identify the elephant in the room, I don’t see us doing much next season either. I surely hope I’m wrong about that. Go Bucs!!

Featured Image Credit: Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

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