May 5, 2021

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Does Bowles’ Scheme Different With Vea Out

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The Bucs defense just hasn’t played well recently. One potential cause of that might be because of Vita Vea’s season-ending injury. Without Vea anchoring the D-line, despite having Ndamukong Suh in the middle, the Bucs pass rush that hasn’t been there at times.

The question has been asked about whether or not the loss of Vea has caused Todd Bowles to change up his defensive philosophy and scheme? It’s a fair question to ask when one of the main stars on your defensive line goes down.

Before Vea went down with a broken leg, the Bucs seemed to have a much more aggressive and attacking scheme on defense. In week 11, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods both compiled 10+ catches. Kupp was gashing us all game long and Tampa’s secondary. He had over 100 yards in the first half.
The soft zone defense just wasn’t working. Hopefully, the coaching staff can address the issues and get them fixed before the game against the Chiefs next week

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