May 5, 2021

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Bucs Keys to Victory Vs Rams

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Believe it or not, the Bucs game plan for beating the Rams should actually be fairly simple. The first key to victory is to attack their weaknesses. Andrew Whitworth, their starting left tackle is out. If I were Todd Bowles, I would bring pressure from that side all day long. Jared Goff panics under pressure. If you throw him off and rattle him, it could go in the Bucs favor.

The second key to victory is to run the football. The Bucs only ran the ball a handful of times against the Saints and we see how that turned out. Our playcalling was predictable, having to throw the ball so much as we were down by a few scores early on in the game. Last week, in the game against Carolina, we ran the ball and look how it turned out.

The strength of the Rams defense is their secondary. They shut down DK Metcalf last week in their game against Seattle. The Bucs need to run the ball to start the game, causing the Rams defense to fill the box, and that will cause the passing game to open up. That’s when Brady can start going over the top with our many offensive weapons.

Our defense also needs to play lights out. The strength of the Rams offense, much like Tampa Bay’s, is their passing attack. The Rams running game isn’t that great, plus, the Bucs defense boasts one of the strongest run defenses in the NFL. In turn, the Rams are going to throw the ball. Our secondary has to be ready for a challenge against Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Josh Reynolds. We cannot get down by a few scores early and then be forced to throw the ball all game long. That doesn’t work for us.

We get another chance to show the world that the Bucs are ready for a big time win on the prime time stage.

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